Andre Hal Retires From NFL

houston texans andre hal retires

Andre Sesuatu means a lot to me. I nevertheless remember years ago watching him power down receivers every week in the SEC plus dreaming of him becoming a point for the Texans’ secondary for the following decade. I even wrote an item on Hal for The particular Film Room series, long before  The Film Room became what today on YouTube. Hal was anything that I could have ever wanted inside a Texans DB - tough, clever, technically sound, and always having fun with something to prove. Honestly, you can even say that writing that item was what helped inspire me to start that my Film Area channel in the first place. 

Hal was drafted much later on than I anticipated, somehow sliding all the way to the seventh round within 2014, but in the end, I just understood that he would make the team in any case... and then, of course, he did. Sesuatu switched positions from a corner in order to safely and then led all Texans in interceptions as a rookie in spite of never even starting a single online game that season. I felt vindicated in my evaluation, of course, but most significantly, I felt proud of Dre. He or she proved all of his doubters incorrect more than he proved the Texans right for believing in him, and am respected the hell out of that will never-give-up attitude.

Life was great for a while. Hal was a solid revolving safety that could be counted on to create a handful of game-changing plays a year. He or she more than justified the team’s investment in him as a Day time Three draft pick. It made an appearance as though Hal would be with us for a long period as a glue guy, and seemed more than happy to fulfill that function as the seasons went on.
But then from nowhere, in the summer of 2018, he or she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’ s Lymphoma.

Hal’ s status was unclear. Nobody knew how long he would become away from the team, or when he would ever play again whatsoever; but like all other things within Andre’ s life, he bombarded cancer with the same fury plus dedication that he attacked the golf ball in the air. He beat that awful son of a bitch in only 4 months and returned the field since not just a locker room leader, yet as an inspiration for the entire Houston local community itself.

I’ ll never forget the sensation I had seeing Hal take the industry for the first time after defying all of the chances (AGAIN) to get there. This was the seventh-round pick from an beneath the radar program who switched opportunities three times, battled through injuries, plus beat cancer to claw their way back onto that 100-yard lengthy patch of grass - plus despite only playing in half from the Texans’ games in 2018, he or she STILL managed to tie for the group leader in interceptions. If that will doesn’ t tell you everything you need to understand the man, I don’ t understand what does.

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