Arms Workout 001

Arms Workout 001:


Name: Standing Biceps Curl

Gym Equivalent: Standing Dumbbell/Cable Machine Curls

Area Targeted: Front of Arms

Standing bicep curls is the basic exercise for biceps and to do it, you simply step on the elastic while you hold the handles. If you need more resistance you can wrap the band twice around your feet and make it shorter. Of course, if you don't have other bands available.

This is why I always suggest buying a set of resistance bands, especially the stackable type.

The standing curls exercise is straightforward.

The start position is with your arms extended along your side holding the band that you not be loose but already in tension, and your palms towards your body. Then do the curls compressing the biceps and keeping the elbows in the same position. Your upper arms should not move.

Your wrist rotates till it faces your shoulder in the end position. Make sure to squeeze the bicep during max compression, and also keep the shoulder blades tight.  

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