A strong core helps prevent back pain

A strong core helps prevent back pain, and makes your whole body feel stronger and more balanced. The core is your girdle of strength and improves your overall performance. Most in not all full body movement originate in the core. Strengthening your core is critically important no matter what your discipline. General good advice is that every exercise you do, regardless if it's for biceps, back, or chest, should ensure that the core remains activated and engaged as a primary focus. These basic core exercises will deliver on a total body improvement.


The PlankCore Plank Bands sm




Rest on your forearms and toes while your body stays straight as a board. Tighten your core region by rolling your tailbone in and squeezing your inner thighs; imagine pulling in on your belly into your spine. Hold for a count and increase this count as time goes on.


The Crunch

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Start in a supine position with your hands behind your head, raise your knees up and your tailbone slightly off the ground. Pull in on your abs as you lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor; imagine trying to compress your abs and feel that burn.


  • No need to lift your back off the ground to do this right, just get your shoulder blades about an inch or two (2-5 cm) off the ground and hold that if possible. Just before you fail push in an extra squeeze at the top for a total contraction then slowly lowering back down.
  • Slow and concentrated movement on the descent portion.
  • Avoid jerking the head forward with your hands or using your back to propel yourself forward feel this entire movement in the abs.


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